24 Hr Service Available

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Fuel Oil Delivery Services

All businesses and households are different, and even those that rely on fuel oil for heat can have widely varying service needs. That’s why it’s so important to select a fuel supplier that understands the unique fuel oil delivery requirements.

Automatic Delivery Service

This is the best choice for homeowners and businesses whose main goal is simply to not have to worry about scheduling a heating oil delivery. Upon signing up for the program, we’ll collect some basic information about your heating needs. This allows us to estimate with great accuracy when you will be due for a fill-up. To ensure you have enough fuel, we’ll contact you well in advance of this date to provide service at your convenience.

One Time Delivery

Prefer to have more control over when fuel is delivered? If you don’t want to commit to an automated delivery schedule use our convenient one time delivery service.  To arrange an fuel oil delivery simply call Thermo. There’s no cost to do so and, even if you only order fuel from us once, you’ll still benefit from some of the lowest everyday fuel oil delivery prices in the Utica area.

Emergency Delivery Service

We offer emergency delivery service when you run out of fuel. Nothing is worse than realizing you're out of heating oil in the middle of winter. At Thermo, we can expedite your delivery in emergency situations, typically getting you the fuel you need in 24 hours or less. We'll also perform any necessary prime/restart procedures to clear air out of your fuel lines and safely get your home heated again.

Job Site Delivery

If you need job site fuel delivery, Thermo has you covered.  We offered Premium Diesel and Heating Oil delivered to your job site. Please contact us for a solution that meets your custom requirements.